A downloadable game for Windows

I made a simple Rock, Paper, Scissors - Game with a little Twist in it. So you have HP and your (random generated) opponent too.

I had not much time for this jam because I forgot that I joined it until the last few hours.

Enough with the excuses,
I hope you will enjoy my game.


The Game 9 MB
The Soundtrack 4 MB


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Its a nice and simple game, but I think it'll be a lot better if there was some visual and audio indication of what the opponent played. I ended up just clicking around randomly for the first few minutes until I noticed that the opponent's health was going down occasionally. Graphics and music are nice, but the looping track gets repetitive after a while.

I like it, but I do have a few suggestions.

  • Find a way to make the music NOT stop playing between enemies. If someone just sits there and blasts through them, the music resets, and that's sad when you haven't reached the good part of the song and it starts over. XD
  • Why is there a random black block on the left hand side? If that's useless try removing it.
  • And finally... Can you explain what this is suppose to be? XD http://i63.tinypic.com/2ivgtxl.jpg

Thank you for your suggestions, I knew about that but I had no time to fix the music. The black block is really useless, so I will remove it. By this graphic I thought about how a game-glitch would look like so it should be something like the Missigno-Pokemon from the first gen :D. Can I update my game now and be still in the jam?

And thank you for your feedback.

I don't believe it will count if you update it. Also I was asking because the first time I encountered that opponent, the name it has was something like Bad Girl? I think it was Bad Girl. Anyway, after seeing that name and looking VERY closely at the glitchy image, I swear, it looked like a girl shaking her butt around. XD I don't know why my mind is so dirty but that's what I saw.

soundtrack is for all platforms.... actual game is only windows :P

Cause its just a mp3-file :D.